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About Me

Rachel Butler
Sport Massage Therapist

I am a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist based in Sheffield.

I have a passion for sport and have been involved in some kind of sport most of my life, including swimming, triathlon, strength training and more recently in 2018 representing Great Britain at the Aquathlon World and European Championships.


Initial Consultation and

Sports Massage



Q: Does Sports Massage hurt?

A: Sports massage is a deep tissue treatment and uses a range of techniques, some of which can be uncomfortable (but not painful) – namely, the use of trigger point therapy, as well as frictions, but don’t worry, I will be communicating throughout and the intensity can be adjusted to suit your preference.

Q: Is Sports Massage only for people who do sport?

A: No, anyone can benefit from sports massage as it is beneficial for reducing a build up of muscle tension/imbalance which can be due to occupation, sport and/or posture. A sports massage can help with tension/migraine headaches, symptoms of carpel tunnel, stress and anxiety to name a few.  For those partaking in sport, sports massage aids performance enhancement, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.

Q: What is sports massage?

A: Sports massage is a deep tissue treatment which uses a number of different techniques to manipulate the soft tissue and muscle fibres. These techniques help to warm up the muscles, increase blood flow, reduce muscle tension, tightness, and sticky adhesions "knots" by realigning muscle fibres. This also helps to increase joint range of movement and aid in muscular recovery and adaptation.

Where I travel to zone map

Where I travel to

I have a dedicated clinic space based in Sheffield S6, but I do offer treatment in your own home as well*

Please contact me and we can see if your location is workable. 


*Depending on the distance I need to travel there may be a small additional charge on top of your treatment price (to be agreed at time of booking).

See Services page for further details 


Contact Me    |    07875490054

 Facebook Page : @RBSportsMassage

Instagram: @rebalancesm

Sheffield S6

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